Better Bad Choices (in diabetes management)

While living with diabetes making choices can be a difficult thing for some people, while other people find it easy. In my practice, I see extreme cases on both ends of the spectrum. When making our decisions every day we need to look at positive and negatives of each choice. That choice would be simple…… Continue reading Better Bad Choices (in diabetes management)

The Diabetic Police IV

In the previous blogs this month, we covered colleagues and family. In this episode, we start out in 3rd-period at school. 3rd Period Now, Terry is in 7th grade, he thinks, or was it 8th? Anyway, he is in one of his favorite classes – Art class. It was someone’s birthday today, and he brought cupcakes,…… Continue reading The Diabetic Police IV

The Diabetic Police II

Previously on as The Diabetic World Turns (spins) Lady X had inadvertently singled me out.  So I forgave Lady X for her insensitivity because why would I let anger ruin my day? She does not have diabetes and doesn’t understand what it’s like for me – and never will. Forward to present time April 8th,…… Continue reading The Diabetic Police II