Diabetes with "A Side of Attention Deficit Disorder"

Due to Blood Sugar’s Impact on Development a lot of people with diabetes face short and long term issues with attention and memory. There’s research on it, but…

Stop The Diabetic Binge

Trying to stop a diabetic binge is like trying to keep your hand on a hot stove—it’s tough and against your natural instinct. Our body’s natural instinct is to withdraw the hand when we feel the heat; your body’s natural instinct, when your blood sugar is low, is to eat. Therefore, if your blood sugars…… Continue reading Stop The Diabetic Binge

It's Time For School! (Children with Diabetes)

Growing up with diabetes was difficult, to say the least. In 1977, there was no support or guidance. Things have changed for the better but still lots of parents are unaware of what is available to them. A big part of creating a safe environment for your child at school requires constant communication between you…… Continue reading It's Time For School! (Children with Diabetes)

Forgetting Your Name?

It’s Tuesday, and I have made room in my schedule to do paperwork. Everything seems to be going great. It’s just about time to go home and I realize that during the second half of the day I barely got any work done. I start thinking, “What happened?” I can’t remember so I decide to…… Continue reading Forgetting Your Name?

The Diabetic Police IV

In the previous blogs this month, we covered colleagues and family. In this episode, we start out in 3rd-period at school. 3rd Period Now, Terry is in 7th grade, he thinks, or was it 8th? Anyway, he is in one of his favorite classes – Art class. It was someone’s birthday today, and he brought cupcakes,…… Continue reading The Diabetic Police IV

What is Real! V

When blood sugar is too low a person with diabetes will have distorted perceptions and feelings. In this blog I will show ways to prevent these distortions from happening or managing them, so less or no personal damage occurs. I was walking across campus at Frostburg State University in Frostburg, Maryland, back in 1991. It…… Continue reading What is Real! V

What is Real!

“A month-long reality check into how out of control blood sugar impacts our perceptions of the world.” Memory is a tricky thing for a diabetic child because high, low and shifting blood sugar levels interfere with memory. When blood sugar is high or conversely too low, a child will have a hard time recalling, retaining…… Continue reading What is Real!