Managing Relationships & Diabetes

One of the biggest problems with diabetes, is being in a relationship when one’s blood sugar is high, there is a tendency to get in a depressed mood. High blood sugars cause a lot of issues in relationships. If your partner doesn’t recognize that you are in a high blood sugar state, then she/he may…… Continue reading Managing Relationships & Diabetes

The Diabetic Police II

Previously on as The Diabetic World Turns (spins) Lady X had inadvertently singled me out.  So I forgave Lady X for her insensitivity because why would I let anger ruin my day? She does not have diabetes and doesn’t understand what it’s like for me – and never will. Forward to present time April 8th,…… Continue reading The Diabetic Police II

What is Real! VI

“It time to wrap up this month-long reality check into how out of control blood sugar impacts our perceptions of the world. Next month we will be looking at the diabetic police.” When blood sugar is high anyone living with diabetes can have a hard time recalling, retaining or remembering information until blood sugar levels,…… Continue reading What is Real! VI

What is Real! III

Memory is a tricky thing for a person or child living with diabetes because shifting blood sugar levels that interfere with how we view the world. Out of control blood sugars may cause a person living with diabetes to have distorted perceptions. There are several ways to reduce these distortions from happening, so less personal…… Continue reading What is Real! III